Monday, 26 September 2011

A History of Transatlantic Pop/Rap Collaborations

There were a few eyebrows raised this week when British singer Pixie Lott's latest single featured two verses from Pusha T of The Clipse. Listen below:

Having sold over a million copies of her debut album in the UK, it would appear that this collaboration - the first single from her sophomore effort - is an attempt to make an impression on the American market. In addition to a nice cheque for sending his verse over, there is also the benefit of increased exposure for Pusha T in the UK (the song was premiered on BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles Show, which has one of if not the largest radio audience in the country), who is working on a debut solo album with Def Jam.

Bizarre as it all is, the combination of singers and rappers from either side of the Atlantic is nothing new. I have compiled a brief list of some of the previous instances I can think of. Some were number 1 hits and of great benefit to both artists, whereas others were a bemusing waste of time and money. Here goes...